{ Slingshot Style }

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Here at Marinella jewelry our studio and work space is also our owner & designers home.
We are well aware of the everyday and not so everyday mix, alongside the fun & chaos of kids, pets & other household interruptions of everyday and not so everyday life.
Things don’t always go the way you expected or intended in business or otherwise!
For example; our Quality Stretch Protection Bracelets by Marinella | The lore of touching, plucking, pulling & flinging them especially by little hands is undeniable. Hence one of the reasons for Our Commitment to You, our treasured clientele and  friends!
Our Commitment to You!
At some point you feel your Marinella jewelry quality stretch Protection Bracelets need some attention; contact us. We'll put the bounce back in them! Even if your child decides to see how far one can fly slingshot style!

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