{ Pearls & Pasta } — family

{ Easy Peasy Mac-n-Cheesy }

I’m charging into 2021 full of Belief & Hope. Believing anything is possible, anything... and Hopeful for healthy gatherings, tons of hugs and sharing scrumptious food together around the table! Some of my families & friends favorite dishes are most often the easiest ones to make! Here's a take on a homemade stove top mac-n-cheese that's so easy peasy it'll make you throw away the boxed stuff & never look back! This recipe makes a big batch, which is perfection for a crowd or leftovers the next day. And, trust me adults and kids alike will be coming back for...

{ Pearls & Pasta }

Why Pearls & Pasta, you ask?

{ summer lovin' }

Summer of loving... Summer love is showing up in everything from our newest jewelry designs to whirl wind celebrations our families have the honor to be sharing in together { just to name a couple, my mother in laws 75th birthday & our sister-in-law to be's bridal shower } Our combined 'immediate families' total 18 siblings + their spouses / significant other & 41 grandchildren { 2 of which our mine and my hubby's } this accounts for XL love! This summer of love will continue into 2018 as we look forward to more family milestones coming our way; two weddings and the birth of a new cousin... Our...

{ loving lesson }

I keep a bowl of Dove almond & dark chocolates in my office for clients and yes on occasion I snag one for myself… I like the Dove chocolates for a few reasons; one its chocolate, two this particular flavor is wrapped in purple foil which happens to be my Marinella jewelry company color, and three each chocolate you open has a special message on the inside of the foil. I take pleasure in anticipating each simple message; don’t get me wrong not quite as much as the satisfaction I take from tossing the chocolate into my mouth. Today’s note...