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I keep a bowl of Dove almond & dark chocolates in my office for clients and yes on occasion I snag one for myself…

I like the Dove chocolates for a few reasons; one its chocolate, two this particular flavor is wrapped in purple foil which happens to be my Marinella jewelry company color, and three each chocolate you open has a special message on the inside of the foil.

I take pleasure in anticipating each simple message; don’t get me wrong not quite as much as the satisfaction I take from tossing the chocolate into my mouth. Today’s note ‘Learn something new about a loved one’ brought my sister in law Susan to mind.

This instantly had me flash to our many enormous family gatherings on my husband’s side. My husband is one of 12 siblings all born with in 14 years of each other, at this point with spouses and children and now a fiancé we are hovering at an intimate 65…

Social media is a definite plus so we can keep in contact with each other’s existence. But does it fool us into thinking we truly know everything about each other because at the touch of a button we get an update?

Back to Susan, at family gatherings Susan asks her kids to speak with three family members they don’t usually and find something out about them they don’t already know. They then share it with each other on the way home from these family parties.

In essence, ‘Learn something new about a loved one’.

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  • Kelly on

    This is a really nice message. Didn’t know you had a blog. Love!!!

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