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heart shaped pizzas

Happy Valentines Beauties!

Valentine's Day: an extra special reminder to tell & show each other just how much we love one another, and you can do that in a fun laid back way.

Plan a special couple or family dinner at home with your favorite meal, even if it's pizza!
Instead of ordering pizzas, make them together!
Purchase all your ingredients, don't forget a variety of toppings, including your crust, or order some dough from your favorite pizza place and have a 'ball' creating personalized piazzas!
If you're feeling extra, make your own pizza sauce! See below for my quickie sauce recipe you'll also want to use beyond
Shape your crust into a heart before baking, kids especially enjoy this!
It's all about time with each other, and if it takes a designated day on the calendar to make that occur - then go for it!

Mangiari! XO ~ Marinella

Quickie Tomato Sauce for Pizza, Pasta, Dipping, & Whatever Else You Choose

1 28oz Can of Plumb Tomatoes

1 Tablespoon XV Olive Oil

2 Teaspoons Dried Oregano and/or Basil

PINCH of Red Pepper Flakes ( optional )

  • Heat oil in large sauce pan over medium heat
  • Add tomatoes, including their juices and gently crush tomatoes up w/ a wooden spoon, bring to a gentle simmer
  • Add Dried Oregano and/or Basil & a PINCH of Red Pepper Flakes ( optional )
  • Reduce heat to low & continue to simmer to blend the flavors for approx. 10 minutes

Flour with Pizza written in it



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