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{ Caramelized Carrots | A Famiglia Un-Recipe }

Thank you for popping over from the email I sent you regarding 'What I'm up to!' Cooking comfort food that is also healthy, especially during our mandatory stay at home, where we're all overindulging a bit is so important to me and I'm glad I can share it with you! Please enjoy my family 'un-recipe' as much as my family, friends & I do! I call it an 'un-recipe' because I grew up with my Nona & Mom just creating & cooking with whatever we had in the pantry or garden. I've put this to paper the best I could!...

{ A Pretty Reminder }

{ A pretty reminder... Posting Pink as a reminder to GO get your mammograms ladies! I finally went to my walk in appointment TODAY 10.11.17... I was supposed to walk in 1 year ago! Search for a local Women's Imaging Center near you ~ The one near us promotes a 'Walk in Wednesday' ~ Take advantage of the ease, comfort and kindness this service provides so you don't put off your mammogram another day - You deserve to take care of yourself so you can continue to be around to enjoy and remember the moments. }

{ Treasured Season }

Autumn is hands down my most treasured season. Everything from holiday entertaining to the jewelry I've designed. It's about excitedly gearing up for a nonstop flow of guests & clients. I adore entertaining in a relaxed yet elegant way. This is reflected not only in my home decor but in the way I dress. I especially carried my esthetic into this Fall/Winter's jewelry 17' collection. Bring a sophisticated ease into your life style; start with YOU and that ease will carry you thru the upcoming holidays. Accessorize with Ease & Intent.

{ loving lesson }

I keep a bowl of Dove almond & dark chocolates in my office for clients and yes on occasion I snag one for myself… I like the Dove chocolates for a few reasons; one its chocolate, two this particular flavor is wrapped in purple foil which happens to be my Marinella jewelry company color, and three each chocolate you open has a special message on the inside of the foil. I take pleasure in anticipating each simple message; don’t get me wrong not quite as much as the satisfaction I take from tossing the chocolate into my mouth. Today’s note...

{ Alternative ~ Bridal ~ Accessorizing }

Not taking your bridal styling too seriously is key because deep down we are all just like little girls playing dress-up…
dress up