{ Pearls & Pasta }

{ Easy Peasy Mac-n-Cheesy }

I’m charging into 2021 full of Belief & Hope. Believing anything is possible, anything... and Hopeful for healthy gatherings, tons of hugs and sharing scrumptious food together around the table! Some of my families & friends favorite dishes are most often the easiest ones to make! Here's a take on a homemade stove top mac-n-cheese that's so easy peasy it'll make you throw away the boxed stuff & never look back! This recipe makes a big batch, which is perfection for a crowd or leftovers the next day. And, trust me adults and kids alike will be coming back for...

{ Craving Cranberries }

Marinella Kelly

Many of us won't be celebrating in the usual ways with our fixed crew, but that doesn't mean you can't still make your eats extra special this year!

{ Ode to the Eastern Shore }

{ Scroll down for this delicious & super simple Shrimp Chowder Recipe } During our stay at home months I sent you a few emails about ‘What’s Going On’, along with family 'un-recipes', and your responses were touching, and made me feel good that I could help you all out a bit in the kitchen! I’ve always wanted to connect my two loves, cooking and Marinella Jewelry. Who knew it would take a major unfortunate virus to make Pearls & Pasta happen. While nowadays we don't have pasta every day it did spawn my love of food and cooking! Fall calls...

{ Pearls & Pasta }

Why Pearls & Pasta, you ask?

{ Moving Forward & Rebounding }

Marinella Kelly

Boredom and loneliness are real. We're all eager to escape the present and start looking forward, so plan for the future not just the now. Hang in there, we've got each other! Here's to all of us, moving forward and rebounding! #movingforward