{ I'm not a blogger, baker nor candlestick maker }

I started a blog. I forgot I had a blog. I'd freak out because my blog was months, sometime close to a year behind. Then, I'd think of something ever so fabulous to write about only to sit down at my computer & come up with every other excuse not to be sitting and sweating in front of this empty screen.

The word blog became such a bad word to me that I didn't even want to read other blogs, because it only screamed how inadequate I was at this blog thing!

I'm not a blogger, baker, nor candlestick maker; I make jewelry. I've decided it's the word blog itself that triggers this self imposed pressure. I need to get the word blog off my shoulders.

My passion is designing and creating jewelry with my two hands, my heart and my soul.

I create jewelry with all of you, my beauties, in mind. You’re continually in my thoughts, intentions and my spirit. In addition to my family, you’re my reason I awake each day with visions of dreamy new jewelry designs.

Your wonderful words of praise give me such strength & I in turn adore providing you with meaningful pieces of jewelry that can be worn all of the time. With this in mind I am re-naming my once dreaded blog my 'Bouquet'.

I’m going to gather, like precious flowers, the words you have said or sent to me over the past years and bring them together along with my thoughts on these pages and watch as they form a most lovely bouquet. A bouquet full of kind words, positivity and delight.  A place I can turn up and feel good, especially on those days when I need a boost or my heart to be made full again.

My hope is that you take this thought and begin gathering all the goodness you’ve ever received to create your very own Bouquet.

Thank you my beauties!

XO ~ Marinella

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