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At Marinella jewelry we are starting 2018 off with some care, not just for ourselves but for the things in our lives that delight us!
It's no secret that one of my favorite materials to use in my designs is freshwater pearls, so it only makes sense to share with you some tips on caring for your pearls.

Your Pearls Require A Bit of Special Care

Pearls are softer than other gems and should be handled with care.  In addition, substances such as your perfume and hair spray, even natural body oils and perspiration, can dull your pearls’ luster and/or cloud their brilliance.

For example, it's a good idea to apply perfume, hair spray and other cosmetics before putting on your pearls.  This way you can help to minimize the amount of products like these that come into contact with your pearls.

Cleaning Your Pearls

After wearing your pearls, you should wipe them with a soft 100% cotton damp cloth* to remove any traces of cosmetics or body oils.  Wash your pearls periodically with a mild soap and a soft cotton cloth, to remove any build up.

Storing Your Pearls

Pearls should be stored separately from your other jewelry to prevent scratches or other damage.  If possible store your pearls in a soft cloth* or in a soft-lined pouch or jewelry box.

* You don't have to buy a new 100% cotton cloth. An old 100% white cotton t shirt is most likely at your finger tips!  Just cut your t to desired sizes; one to wipe your pearls with and the other to store them in.

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