{ Spring Sparkle System-ize }

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{ Spring Sparkle System-ize }

ice cube tray organization

Spring ushers in more than a thorough cleaning. It’s also a great time to get organized! Organize the items in your closet by categories: Seasons or colors are just a couple of ways to begin.

Organizing your jewelry & accessories is often the most avoided.

Not properly caring for your jewelry { fine or costume } adds to their wear and tear and can lead to damages. I’m sure you have broken jewelry right now you’ve tossed to the side in hopes of getting repaired one day… or just plain tossed!

You don’t need a lot of space to create your own mini jewelry & accessories department. There may be a spot in your home waiting for its shining moment and you don’t even realize it’s potential. Use a keen eye and test out a few different places to keep your treasured pieces.

Below are some everyday items to help get you started:

  • ice cube trays ~ compartmentalizes your rings, earrings & brooches ~
  • counter top hand towel holder ~ dangle bangles, watches and shorter necklaces ~
  • flour sack or men's cotton t-shirts ~ wipe, wrap & store your real pearls ~
  • office desk drawer dividers ~  keeps baubles from knocking about & easily seen ~
  • framed cork board ~ use push pins as pegs to hang necklaces & bracelets ~

Now go organize!

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