{ trays, trays & more trays! }

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I have a problem...

I spy a tray & instantly have to have it. New, old, pretty, ugly, plastic, glass, wooden... I don't discriminate.

There is something about a tray that makes moments in my life extra special and my belongings more distinctive.

Trays are an easy & for the most part inexpensive way for me to change up my surroundings. Suddenly my vanity top, coffee table, or whatever table top has an instant new look & my surroundings become a more desirable place to be.

Coffee cups placed on a tray next to my coffee press or Keurig with the addition of a cloth napkin and a snip of a single flower & instantly my coffee becomes visually be more delicious!

Holiday Tip: A tray or two helps make your mud room or laundry space a usable serving buffet say for your bar/drinks station.

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