12mm recycled glass beads 1 freshwater pearl bead stella Maris medal stretch bracelet
{ Stella Maris | Mary of the Sea }
{ Stella Maris | Mary of the Sea }
{ Stella Maris | Mary of the Sea }
Marinella Jewelry

{ Stella Maris | Mary of the Sea }

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Protection Bracelets by Marinella
This Summer we'll all be taking to the waves, so it's time to don Stella Maris—whether it be bay, lake or mighty sea! She's believed to be Our Lady of the Water, The Virgin Mary and protector of mariners, with many coastal churches taking her title—Stella Maris or Star of The Sea!
Great host / hostess gift; It travels well & your gifting a memory of your visit!
Pearls = Grace | Love | Protection
Glass = Purity | Clarity
Recycled glass with a Freshwater Pearl Prayer Bead
  • fits 7" bracelet wrist | contact for sizing
  • beads approx. 12mm | medal approx. 1"
  • penny shown for size reference | bracelets each sold separate

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