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Trauma accounts for nearly half of all pediatric deaths in the U.S. | It's MADDI’S BAG’s mission to help comfort the survivors when the unexpected confronts them traumatically
Maddi's Bag was created to celebrate Maddi's survival and strength as well as to show gratitude to the trauma doctors, nurses and therapists who worked tirelessly caring for her | Maddi's Bag strives to spread TBI awareness and educate young people on brain healthy lifestyles
Together with Maddi & her mother Jenny's help we specially designed this bracelet for purchase to give & show your support for MADDI'S BAG* | The green color represents traumatic brain injury awareness along with a St, John Licci medal | St. John Licci is the patron saint of head Trauma |
*Half the proceeds from each bracelet sold are donated to MADDI’S BAG program, which solely supports two programs successfully in place at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
THANK YOU for your Support & Awareness! ~ Maddi

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