{ Sylvia }

$ 36.00
Protection Bracelets by Marinella jewelry
Shimmer in beautiful Sapphire blue colors with an added touch of vintage inspiration | These protection bracelets are party perfect | Add some magic to your day or evening!
Crystals are known to promote Protection | Health | Positivity
Agate is known to promote Confidence | Wisdom
St. Christopher is the patron saint of Land Air Sea | St. Expeditus is the patron saint of emergencies & quick decisions
Sapphire is Septembers Birthstone | Sapphires are known to help focus your mind, maintain self discipline & encourage spiritual enlightenment


  • fits 7" bracelet wrist
  • Czech & stone beads approx. 12mm | vintage brass details | medals approx. 16mm - 20mm round
  • penny shown for size purposes | bracelets each sold separate

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