{ St. Christopher }

$ 48.00
Protection Bracelets by Marinella
Hand crafted heirloom quality classical medals | Inspire devotion to God and in the lives of those who wear them | Exquisitely lovely & beautiful | Gift meaningfully | Shop unique | Wear your prayer
St. Christopher | Patron Saint of Land | Sea | Air
Eclogite is a rare and important rock because it is formed only by conditions typically found in the mantel or the lowermost part of thickened crust & is a mix of green & red garnet gemstones | Elogite promotes Hope | Empowerment | Relaxation


  • fits 7" bracelet wrist | Contact us for sizing!
  • beads approx. 12mm | medal approx. 1"
  • bracelets each sold separate | penny shown for size reference

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