Gemstone bead stretch bracelets with St. Mary medals
Sunstone gemstone beads w gold French St. Mary & child medal 12mm
Rhodonite gemstone beads w brass Miraculous medal 10mm
Pyrite gemstone beads w Miraculous medal 10mm
Agate gemstone beads w Our Lady of Mercy medal 10mm
Blue agate gemstone beads w vintage Miraculous medal 12mm
Agate Swirl gemstone beads w fancy Miraculous medal 10mm
Gemstone bead stretch bracelets with St. Mary medals
Marinella Jewelry


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Protection Bracelets by Marinella
Many meaningful St. Mary Medals to choose from!
St. Mary the Mother of All, Pray for Us!
Sunstone = Stone of Joy | Agate = Confidence & Wisdom | Rhodonite = Restoration of Physical & Emotional Strength | Pyrite = Helps Deflect Negative Thoughts & Energies


  • fits 7" bracelet wrist | contact me for sizing
  • beads approx. 10mm - 12mm | medals approx. 1"
  • bracelets each sold separate | penny shown for size reference

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