{ grounded }

$ 24.00

Protection Bracelet Grounded Power of Earth Collection

~ Magnificent shades of earthy browns blend with touches of cream & caramel ~ Landscape greens from sky to terrain colors all captured in these stunning stone Protection Bracelets
Agate is know to assist in Wisdom ~ Confidence
African agate turquoise is known to bring Balance ~ Structure
Tigers eye known to aid Balance ~ Harmony
Third eye stones are known to aid in Releasing Negativity
Jasper is one of the many stones known to assist you Spiritually ~ Emotionally ~ Physically


  • fits 7" bracelet wrist ~ contact us for sizing
  • bracelets with details & charms sold on { grounded details } page
  • penny shown for size purposes ~ order: 14mm, 12mm, 10mm, 8mm
  • all bracelets sold separate

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