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$ 57.00
Protection Bracelets by Marinella
Swirled crazy lace agate gemstone center, glimmering labradorite gemstone beads w vintage rhinestones | Gorgeousness on your wrist!
Each one of theses gemstone slab bracelets are unique, grab the one that speaks to you before it's gone!
Crazy lace Agate is known as the happiness stone | Its energies are strong yet soothing and helps to ground you
Labradorite is known as the dreamer's stone | And has tremendous power to bring change to your life


  • fits 7" bracelet wrist | contact us for sizing
  • agate gemstone slab approx 35mm | both sides of gemstone slab are shown | beads approx. 10mm
  • bracelets each sold separate | penny shown for size reference

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