{ Emily }

$ 56.00
Protection Bracelets by Marinella
When you mix perfectly imperfect freshwater pearls and Hematite mineral stone beads you get nothing less then gorgeous bracelets with protective qualities abound!
Hematite is known to bring balance to your spiritual & physical body bringing you back to your equilibrium | It's also known to promote Peace | Inner Happiness | Strength
Pearls are known to promote Innocence | Grace | Wealth | Purity
Fun Fact: Emily means 'Strength' in Greek


  • fits 7" bracelet wrist | contact us for sizing
  • beads approx. 4mm | pearl sizes vary approx. between 8mm - 20mm
  • bracelets each sold separate | penny shown for size reference
  • each of these bracelets are truly noteworthy due to the natural beauty of each pearl | see one you adore, grab it because no two are alike!

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