{ About }


{ Mantra }

My mantra is ‘Be a princess all of the time. I truly believe living this in all aspects of my life, from what I wear to the special items & people I cherish.
My passion for family, community, love, peace and positivity is demonstrated in the quality stretch Protection Bracelets I design and individually hand make. Each stone, crystal, charm and medal I include has symbolic significances. You’ll find those meanings listed within the descriptions on my website pages.
I { Marinella } design keeping in mind individual style. Creating ready to wear jewelry pieces to unique custom jewelry whether it’s for you, a gift for someone special, even your distinctive wedding day.

{ Our Commitment to You }

At some point { months ~ years } you feel your Marinella jewelry Protection quality stretch Bracelets need some attention; contact us. We will restring your bracelets to put some bounce back into them! 


{ How did Marinella jewelry get its' start? }

Whenever asked this question I instantly blame my sister!

Unable to find that certain unique bridal jewelry for her wedding, my sister Florence turned to me for creative advice, I'm not one to turn down an artistic challenge, so I created unique custom bridal jewelry & accessories for my persistent sisters perfect wedding day and Voile’, MARINELLA jewelry was born!

{ Glimpse into my couture & ready to wear jewelry }

My jewelry is designed to wear everyday and everywhere. I have a passion for pearls! Most of my designs incorporate freshwater pearls with other mixed media; such as semi-precious stones, blown glass, carved or manipulated wood, and vintage elements... I scour thrift and specialty shops especially for vintage bits, Swarovski® crystals, shell pieces, hardware and the list goes on and on!

{ What makes my designs unique? For one, my passion... }

It's in the details, details, details. I truly believe and get lost in the design and placement of each stone, pearl, crystal... { You get the drift } There's no piece that's insignificant in my collections. Whether it's a bracelet for a mother incorporating the baby's birth stone, or a special vintage inspired piece like a locket necklace for a wedding, anniversary or birthday, my Marinella signatures all over it!

{ my Brides } 

I absolutely adore working with my Brides! { Yes, my Brides } Making Brides and their bridal parties feel special is my goal.  I work closely with my Brides to ensure your vision is understood and met.

Each time you wear your exclusive Marinella jewelry I'm confident my pieces will inspire your outfit, help you to feel stunning and bring about happy memories from your life’s special moments!

I recognize that each bride’s personality and budget is unique. I consider it a privilege to design jewelry for you. We collaborate in a relaxed, fun and creative atmosphere to personalize your design experience and exceed your expectations. We look forward to working with you!

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