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{ St. Mary's in Pink }

$ 44.00
Protection Bracelets by Marinella
Three newly found intricate Miraculous Medals on gorgeous gemstone beads in a variety of luscious pinks  | Rhodonite w Flower border medal | Smooth Cherry Quartz w frame style border | Agate w a M background medal
Rhodonite is known to promote Love & Compassion | It is also known to exude a strong soothing energy that restores mental & physical strength
Cherry Quartz is known to promote Love & is also known as a charge stone that will restore the energy & rhythm of your life
Agate is known to ground and stabilize you | It also promotes Wisdom, Confidence & Prosperity


  • fits 7" bracelet wrist | contact me for sizing
  • beads approx. 10mm - 12mm | Medals approx. 1" oval shape
  • Penny shown for size reference | bracelets each old separate

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